Detritus Field Station Often With After With Ochre With Open Spulwurmbruchstück / Roundworm Piece

sensible environments (2003-2013)
site specific interactive sound installations

The series of sensible environments was begun in 2003.

A sensible environment is a reactive algorithmic environment that is aware of both itself and interlopers through a real-world sensory feedback mechanism. The sensible environment models an ecosystem as a large organism with interdependent parts. Like a natural ecosystem, it reacts to disturbances and changes over time. It is sensible, in the sense of “having perception or awareness of something.”

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Detritus explores the concept of surveillance, urban decay and renewal, and the loss and construction of identity in the anonymous urban landscape. Searchlights troll the tree-lined street. Cars are heard rushing past, trailing a wake of windblown debris that catches up lights and voices. The detritus settles restlessly into the trees among avian scavengers.

site-specific sound and light installation
Saturday, October 5, 2013
Castleberry Hill Arts District, Atlanta
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Field Station

Field Station plays with the notion of a biological field station and explores the superposition of soundscapes. Field Station superimposed a real-time audio feed from the Jasper Ridge field station in California onto a generated audio environment in the Atrium space. Viewers' presence awakened and shaped the resulting hybrid environment, and images of their interactions were captured, processed and archived to a web site in real time.

Field Station
site-specific sound installation,
camera trap, and website
2013.05.16 - 2013.08.07
Atrium, Lamar Dodd School of Art
Athens, GA
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Often With

Responding to the gallery's role as a thoroughfare joining private and public spaces, Often With creates surreal ambiguities between indoors and out, shaped by its awareness of viewers and of itself.

Often With - site-specific sound installation
White speaker wire, speakers, sound, audio sensing
2006, Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart)
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After With

After With transforms a two-story interior gallery, rendering the interior transparent to exterior sound while dissimulating the view to the outside. The illusion of changing exterior light conditions is created with projections of light and shadow responding to sound in the space.

After With - site-specific sound/light installation
Paper, sound, video projection, audio sensing
2006, Hiestand Galleries, Miami University (Oxford, Ohio)
International Digital Media and Arts Association conference
Funded in part by ICE (Ideas for Creative Exploration).

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Ochre With

Ochre With coinhabits a large interior space with other sound sources: noises, music, sound pieces, visitors... A viewer who enters the center of a suspended trapezoidal speaker array hears the flocking of birds hybridized with the ringing of metalic objects.

Ochre With - sound installation
Rusted and stainless steel, wall text, audio cable, speakers,
sound, audio sensing
2003, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center;
2005, Lisinski Hall, Zagreb
  ISCM World Music Days / Music Biennale Zagreb
Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts

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Open features live sound from passing cars re-spatialized inside a long, vaulted cellar space. The cars awaken flocks of bell-like sounds that follow them through the space, along with the sounds of rustling paper contributed by a performer. A generative drawing on the far wall builds up traces of the event.

Open - site-specific sound and video performance
40 min.
2006, Kunstraum 34, Stuttgart
Klangraum Festival
With support from the Akademie Schloss Solitude

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Spulwurmbruchstück / Roundworm Piece

Sonification of DNA from the roundworm C. elegans. Codons (3-letter DNA "words" that code for amino acids) are heard as sound objects emanating from a tin can on a pedestal. The sound is created in real time using a DNA sequence as input. An accompanying video displays a visualization of the amino acids. A DNA reader feeds the sequence into the generator. The system can also read DNA data live.

Spulwurmbruchstück / Roundworm Piece
steel can, 1 channel sound
40 min. loop
2006, Projektraum der Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart
Group exhibition: Die Römer II
Kunststiftung Baden-Würtemberg / Akademie Schloss Solitude

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