Brian McGaw with Surface at Esquire House

Brian McGaw
"The Surface," 2011
Custom spandex deformable multi-touch surface, computer vision, Max/MSP/Jitter, Ableton Live. Prototyped in ARST 4850 Interactive Art. Hired at New York design firm Hush Studios, McGaw helped develop his prototype into the Esquire House Installation in New York. Article in Fast Co.Design, December 5, 2011


C. D. Howe
"Occulus," 2012
Computer controlled clocks, 16 speakers, spatialized audio. Max/MSP/Jitter, Arduino. Senior Exit exhibition.

"Cairn," 2012-2013
metal, water, light, mirror shards, quadrophonic sound, wood, concrete A low frequency transducer excites standing waves in the water basin, distorting reflected light. For ARST 4850: Interactive Art


Brinkley Warren
"People Portals," 2009
Well, water, glass bottom enclosure, networked video cameras, Max/Jitter. For ARST 4850 Interactive Art; successful proposal to the Fulbright Scholarship program.

Ash Sechler
"Search Cycle," 2008
Image aggregator made with Google search API, regular expressions, Max/Jitter. For ARST 4850 Interactive Art / Senor Exit exhibition.