Athens to Athens Athens to Athens

In-house designer, Slingshot Productions, LLC.

Prospectus for "SLINGSHOT Athens to Athens"

Athens to Athens is a project to connect the Slingshot Festival in Athens, GA with its new sister festival in Athens, Greece, in real-time.


Sensory Overload conference Data Percpetualization Competition

In-house designer, Slingshot

Sensory Overload conference:
web content, posters and conference materials.


freQ Boulder Challenge freQ Boulder Challenge

Logotype, prospectus and sponsorship deck for proposed "ƒreQ Boulder Challenge."


Zinnser lecture Zinnser lecture

Poster and email card for Visiting Scholar lecture, Willson Center for the Humanities and Arts, University of Georgia.


Imi Hwangbo: Diviner (detail) Imi Hwangbo: Diviner (print file)

Digital Design Consultant,
Studio of Imi Hwangbo, 2003-2014

Digital design for Constructed Drawings series, from artist's drawings and maquettes.

Clients include the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong Men Replica Watches

Shown: Diviner (detail); Lepidoptera (detail).


Reg Ex exhibition title design (still)

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animation >>

Exhibition title design
"Reg Ex"

Exhibition title design for "Reg Ex," a new media exhibition at the Lamar Dodd School of Art, May 2012.

"Reg Ex" is shorthand for the computer science concept of a regular expression, used in pattern matching and text processing. The exhibition title is generated in real-time, using regex and OpenGL in Max/Jitter.